Oak Table Cafe Restaurant, Sequim
Oak Table Cafe Restaurant, Sequim
Oak Table Cafe Restaurant, Sequim

Oak Table Cafe Kingston Location
Oak Table Cafe Kingston Location
Oak Table Cafe Restaurant, Silverdale

Our hours are:

Monday to Sunday 7am-3pm
Breakfast Served All Day.
Lunch available on weekdays after 11am.
Breakfast Only on Saturdays and Sundays.

Ross McCurdy and Nikki Nagler-McCurdy bring to the table three generations of restaurant excellence and expertise. Beginning with Nikki's grandparents in Chicago over 35 years ago, the artful skill of handcrafting breakfasts and lunches has become a family tradition. Created in the image of her parents' restaurant, The Oak Table Cafe in Sequim, Nikki, with her husband Ross and their two daughters, Mira and Stella, carry the flag of a family passion. Following true family tradition Nikki and Ross were joined by her two brothers Kory and Casey Nagler, and their partners, Rachel Nagler and Taria Hendrickson. This fabulous foursome were instrumental in the opening and managing of the Oak Table Kingston, ensuring it's success, and creating a true feeling of family within it's walls. They maintain that there is no substitute for quality. Special care is taken in preparing the food, and the results are well worth the effort. At the Oak Table Cafe, great pride is taken in creating a memorable experience, with close attention paid to the food, and especially the customer.

Chefs at the Oak Table Cafe start at dawn everyday making numerous batters from authentic coveted recipes. The batters are not from packaged mixes – all are carefully prepared and blended by hand using fresh ingredients, such as unbleached hard wheat flour, fresh eggs, and real cream. Another important ingredient in the batters comes from a sourdough barrel. This is what makes the pancakes light and of a fine texture. All of our syrups and toppings for the pancakes, crepes, and omelets are delicately prepared from scratch recipes.

The butter used at the Oak Table Cafe is above USDA 93 score, the finest available. The whipped butter is just that – nothing added. Impurities of butter (salts and solids) are rendered out, leaving the pure "golden oil" that is used in cooking the eggs and other special dishes. We have chosen a special blend of coffee to complement your meal, and we serve it with pure whipping cream. Our orange and grapefruit juices are freshly squeezed in our kitchen every day.
The McCurdy family welcomes you to enjoy your experience here at The Oak Table Cafe with hope that it is a memorable one.

Sequim Location
3rd & Bell St. Sequim, Washington 98382
phone: (360) 683-2179 | email: info@oaktablecafe.com
  Silverdale Location
3290 NW Mt Vintage Way Silverdale, WA 98383
phone: (360) 204-5198 | email: love@oaktablecafe.com

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Oak Table Cafe Restaurant, Sequim   Oak Table Cafe Restaurant, Sequim

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